Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Facebook Email Invitation

Facebook Email Invitation

Hi friends as you may have already heard Facebook announced today that they’re re-inventing messaging. You can click on the below link to get an invite.

The new email sounds a lot like Google’s Gmail – right down to the ability to separate out the most important emails (Google calls this priority inbox — Facebook calls it your social inbox). To accommodate this new system users will have the choice of selecting a new @facebook.com email address or they can retain their same address.

If you want a Facebook email address you’ll need to wait for them to invite you. Of course if you can’t wait there’s a link that you can use to request a Facebook email invitation. Follow the link below and make sure you login in to facebook before clicking on the link to get Request an Invitation button at the bottom.

Request Facebook Email Invitation*
*  Make sure you login in to facebook

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