Sunday, February 24, 2008

Spy Invisible Yahoo Users

Wanna check if your Yahoo buddy is avoiding you and hiding using the invisible mode ? not anymore, there exist several web based and desktop solution to spy your yahoo buddy list.
Currently in ALPHA this fantastic FREE online service allows you to track online/offline activity of Yahoo messenger users in previous 24 hours, You can track 12 different yahoo id's with one account, the user activity is automatically updated every 10 minutes, users will be considered as online even if they are invisible to any number of people (not everyone). Being "on sms" and "on mobile" will also be considered as online.


A easy to use online service to check Yahoo Invisible Status.
To download click

Alternatively you can also check the status using the manual method, just replace the YAHOO-ID-TO-CHECK with the original yahoo id you want to track in the url below:

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