Monday, March 17, 2008

Using Gmail account to monitor and handle all your separate email accounts

I use Gmail account as one of my main accounts to handle most of my important and personal email . I use multiple Gmail accounts as well apart from using domain based accounts. So I use Gmail's feature of handling multiple accounts for "Send As" feature and mail forwarding feature.

So what do we need as solution?

A single mail account where all the mail from multiple email accounts are forwarded, in which mail messages can be filtered in separate labels and mail messages can be replied from the email address it was sent to


1. 1 Gmail account
2. Multiple Gmail or hosted domain accounts which can be forwarded to your mail Gmail account
3. Mail forwarding and "Accounts" feature within Gmail
4. Creating labels in Gmail based on "Email Account" that the message comes from

Using three simple steps you can manage all from email accounts from a single account and use the base account as a email backup account for the respective email addresses.

The exact steps are detailed on Google Tutor Post.

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